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The Solution Center provides custom tailored VoIP Phone System solutions.  We strive to understand how your business operates and offer custom designed solutions.  We can make remote changes at anytime to further customize your system after implementation.  With our VoIP system software updates are done automatically and after hours, so as not to interfere with your business operations.  Software updates are included with the purchase of the VoIP system.  Check out some of the features  that we offer below to better understand the benefits of a VoIP Phone System from The Solution Center!

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VoIP Phone Service Features
Call Queuing

Prevent missing calls and potential customers with our call que feature.  Give your customers a warm greeting that lets them know their call is important to you while assuring their place in line will not be lost.  Call Queuing also helps to maximize employee phone-answering efforts. 

Cohesive System

Integrating our Cloud Hosted VoIP system makes multi-site applications streamlined by allowing talk, transfer, and paging between different locations as if it all took place in the same building.  

Cloud Hosted 

Our VoIP Phone Systems are securely hosted in our private cloud.  Say goodbye to your old phone system or onsite servers that can fail leaving you with nothing but a busy signal.  With our cloud solution your call will always be answered - even if you loose power, internet or your building.  

Auto Attendant

Also known as a Digital Receptionist, our auto attendant provides callers with options to make sure their call gets to the right department.  We custom design every auto attendant with our customers to fit all their businesses needs.  Because each Auto Attendant is customized, it is not a “one size fits all” feature, and having it in your business inevitably enhances a customer’s first impression.  At The Solution Center, our 40 years of experience works to help your company shine!

Intercom / Paging

Sending a one-way audio message to users is an efficient and fast way of team communication. For example, in shops users can trigger overhead pages, or schedule lunch break pages. Pages can be live, recorded or uploaded. Recorded pages avoid echo loops. It is even possible to send a confirmation email when the page is completed.

Mobile App

Call customers from your office number using your mobile phone.  No longer any need to give out your private cell phone number.  You can also transfer calls right form your mobile app.  

Custom Greeting

Record your own greeting for customers when they call your business.  

Fax to Email

Receive faxes to your email box.  Share, print or save the faxes.  Save time and paper with Fax to Email. 

SMS Messaging

Upgrade to the latest technology with our Text Messaging feature.  Send and receive texts with customers using your business number from your phone system!

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